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Tariff Notifications for the year 2017

 Notification No. Date Subject
07/2017-Custom 01-03-2017 Amendment to Notification No.09/2012-Cus reg. enabling authorised offices or agencies in India of the laboratories mentioned under para 4.74 of HBP 2015-20
06/2017-Custom 02-02-2017 Seeks to further amend Notification No. 12/2012-Customs, dated the 17.3.2012 so as to carry out Budgetary changes. Details are contained in Joint Secretary (TRU – I) DO letter dated 31.1.2017.
05/2017-Custom 02-02-2017 Seeks to reduce Basic Customs Duty from 10/7.5 % to 5% on all items of machinery required for (a) initial setting up of fuel cell based system for generation of power or for demonstration purposes and (b) for balance of systems operating on biogas or bio-methane or by-product hydrogen.
04/2017-Custom 02-02-2017 Seeks to further amend Notification No. 21/2012-Customs, dated the 17.03.2012 so as to specify the rate of additional duty of customs leviable under sub-section 3(5) of Customs Tariff Act, 1975 for items specified therein.
03/2017-Custom 02-02-2017 Seeks to further amend Notification No. 27/2011-Customs dated 1.3.2011.
02/2017-Custom 27-01-2017 Notification No. 02/2017-Customs dated 27.01.2017 seeks to further amend Notification No. 96/2008-Customs dated 13.08.2008 so as to prescribe a Margin of Preference of 60% for all goods falling under sub-heading [0802 80] under the Duty Free Tariff Preference (DFTP) scheme
01/2017-Custom 20-01-2017 Seeks to further amend Notification no.153/93- Customs, dated 13th August, 1993

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