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Circulars for the year 2013

Circular No. Date Subject
45/2013 31-12-2013 Regarding Handling of Cargo in Customs Area Regulations, (HCCAR) 2009
44/2013 30-12-2013 Exemption from Special Additional Duty of Customs (SAD) on goods cleared from the SEZ / FTWZ into the DTA – Clarification – Regarding
43/2013 08-11-2013 Exemption from payment of SAD to parts, components and accessories etc. of Mobile Handsets under Notification No. 21/2012-Cus, dated 17/03/2012-reg.
42/2013 25-10-2013 Encouraging stakeholder participation in Customs functioning- reg.
41/2013 21-10-2013 Applicable CVD on Steam Coal imported from Indonesia under FTA notification No. 46/2011-Customs-reg.
40/2013 09-10-2013 Option to close cases of default in Export Obligation (EO) - Notification No. 46/2013-Customs dated 26.9.2013
39/2013 01-10-2013 Clarification on the commencement of the interest free period of 90 days under Section 61 of the Customs Act, 1962 – Reg
38/2013 17-09-2013 Regarding guidelines for Arrest and Bail in relation to offences punishable under Customs Act, 1962
37/2013 14-09-2013 Regarding All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback effective 21.09.2013
36/2013 05-09-2013 Regarding classification of “Bluetooth Wireless Headset for mobile phones / cell phones” under harmonised Customs Tariff
35/2013 05-09-2013 Audit Report No. 15/2011-12, Section 2 – Duty Drawback Scheme: All aspects to be covered in speaking orders issued in each case of export under section 74 of Customs Act, 1962- regarding
34/2013 04-09-2013 Procedure and Guidelines for Import of Gold and Gold Dore Bars
33/2013 23-08-2013 Customs Duty Exemption for Import of Ash Handling Systems, Water Treatment Plant and Coal Transportation Facilities etc. Required for Ultra-Mega/ Mega Power Projects under Heading 9801(Project Imports)-Clarification -Reg.
32/2013 16-08-2013 Regarrding the amount of bond and bank guarantee and insurance under Regulation 5(1)(iii) of HCCAR, 2009.
31/2013 06-08-2013 Regarding  clarification regarding contract under PIR, 1986
30/2013 05-08-2013 Provisional release of export - goods detained for investigation -reg.
29/2013 05-08-2013 Procedure to avail Chapter 3 (FTP 2009-14) Reward Schemes for exports from Foreign Post Office, New Delhi – Launch of Pilot regarding.
28/2013 01-08-2013 Regarding classification of products - “Cockroach traps”, and “Mosquito Repellent” in the harmonised Customs Tariff
27/2013 01-08-2013 Regarding Harmonised Customs Tariff Classification of multifunction devices, referred to as “multifunction speaker system
26/2013 19-07-2013 Standard Unit Quantity Code (UQC) - regarding.
25/2013 01-07-2013 Regarding import of Pets under Baggage
24/2013 27-06-2013 Classification of Elements of Filters of Heading 8421 – reg.
23/2013 24-06-2013 Regarding  Introduction of Risk Management Systems (RMS) in Exports
22/2013 24-05-2013 Regarding  Customs permission for transhipment of goods/containers from a Gateway Port to a Container Freight Station (CFS) of another Customs Station
21/2013 16-05-2013 Difficulties being faced in availing exemption relating to the Oil Exploration Sector – Regarding.
20/2013 14-05-2013 Regarding Classification of the machines commercially referred to as "Tablet Computers"
19/2013 09-05-2013 Regarding classification of Filters referred to as “Disposable Sterilized Dialyzer” and “Microbarrier”: for filtering blood”
18/2013 29-04-2013 Regarding refund of 4% CVD (SAD)-Extension of time upto 30th September 2013,  for using re-credited 4% CVD (SAD) amount in DEPB
17/2013 11-04-2013 Regarding classification of Octagonal Steel Columns for Lamp Posts and like products - regarding
16/2013 10-04-2013 Regarding  Fixation of norms for waiver of payment of cost recovery charges for Customs staff posted at Seaports, Air Cargo Complexes, Courier Terminal, etc
15/2013 08-04-2013 Regarding  import of pets under Baggage
Corrigendum dated 10.04.2013
05-04-2013 Regarding issues relating to implementation of Ministry of Steel’s Order S.O. 415(E) dated 12.03.2012 and Application of BIS Specification No. IS: 227
13/2013 05-04-2013 Regarding classification of “Low Noise Block” (LNB) down converter in the harmonised Customs Tariff
12/2013 02-04-2013 Regarding examination of export consignments of perishable cargo
11/2013 06-03-2013 Setting up of Public/Private Bonded Warehouses for Gems & Jewellery Sector
10/2013 06-03-2013 Post Export EPCG duty credit scrip(s) Scheme and certain other changes related to Foreign Trade Policy 2009-14
08/2013 04-03-2013 Regarding norms for execution of  Bank Guarantee in respect of  Advance Authorization (AA) / Duty  Free Import Authorization (DFIA) / Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG)  Schemes
06/2013 06-02-2013 Regarding issue of Custom House Agent License.
05/2013 31-01-2013 Regarding Single Revolving Bank Guarantee for Different Transactions for Import of Silver or Gold or Platinum
04/2013 15-01-2013 Regarding disposal of firearms imported as baggage under transfer of residence
 03/2013 01-01-2013 Installation of Close Circuit Television Systems (CCTV)
02/2013 01-01-2013 Replacement of FDRs in respect of provisional Mega or Ultra-Mega Power Projects with Bank Guarantee
01/2013 01-01-2013 Regarding Classification of Cordless Infrared Remote Controls

  Instructions for the year 2013

File No. Date Subject
F.No.390/Misc./163/2010-JC 12-12-2013 Reduction of Government litigation - providing monetary limits for filing appeals by the Department before CESTAT/High Courts and Supreme court – Regarding
F. No.603/01/2011-DBK 11-10-2013 Audit Report No. 15/2011-12, Section 2 – Duty Drawback Scheme: regarding
F.No.450/19/2005-Cus-IV 16-09-2013 Instructions reiterating compliance of International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM-15) in respect of wood packaging material by exporters
F.No.603/01/2011-DBK 31-07-2013 Audit Report No. 15/2011-2012, Section 2, Duty Drawback Scheme
F.No.450/19/2005-Cus-IV) 23-07-2013 Instructions regarding 'Handling of Cargo in Customs Area Regulations (HCCAR) 2009'
F.No.528/109/2011-STO (TU) 12-07-2013 Clarification regarding applicability of the Pneumatic Tyres and Tubes for Automotive Vehicles (Quality Control) Order 2009 for used tyres –regarding.
F.No.390/Misc/163/2010-JC 03-06-2013 Regarding Reduction of Government litigation - providing monetary limits for filing appeals by the Department before CESTAT/High Courts and Supreme court
F.No.450/25/2009-Cus IV 31-05-2013 Regarding 24x7 Customs Operation at Major Ports and Airports
F.No.528/69/2012-STO (TU)
21-05-2013 Regarding issues related to transmission of trade data
F.No.450/39/2012-Cus.IV 16-04-2013 Deployment of Officials of CLRI at Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata (Ports) and Kanpur and Tughlakabad (ICDs)
F. No. 609/35/2013-DBK 04-04-2013 Regarding grievances related to process of reconciliation of realization of export proceeds in terms of CBEC Circular No. 5/2009-Customs

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